Training to maximize booty growth

Like most things health and fitness related, there are a vast number of different ways that we can achieve our specific goal – and this holds especially true when we are discussing building a lean muscular butt that looks great in a pair of jeans.

While I have touched very briefly on some of the important movements that focus specifically on the glutes in the above section, the way in which they need to be applied to our training does differ significantly – especially if we want to know how to get a bigger butt.

In this section we have outlined a week long program that involves five distinct training days. Each training day will target both glute med and glute max specifically, while using a number of different loading schemes.

Each workout will be broken down into four key phases, including the warm up, a strength section, a hypertrophy section, and a metabolic section.

With this in mind, each individual section will play an integral role in maximizing buttock growth and muscle development, while also promoting fat loss – allowing you to build a an amazing butt in an incredibly short amount of time.

The warm up

Something that is underutilized in 99% of peoples training is the warm up.

A decent warm up provides us with a fantastic opportunity to prepare specific muscles for the upcoming workout, while also increasing blood flow to those same target muscles.

In doing so we not only enhance the effectiveness of all exercises that come after the warmup (which can improve muscle growth), we also greatly reduce our risk of injury – making this section a big win-win if you ask me!

So with all this in mind, taking into consideration the muscles that we want to work, the warmup aspect of our workouts are going to focus on the glutes in isolation.

By targeting our big and powerful glutes (getting them fired up prior to commencing our session), we will greatly increase the amount of wok they can perform during the total session. This will lead to fast and enhanced muscular growth of the glutes as a result.

While the exercises used within this setting may appear somewhat simple, they are absolutely integral to our success, and as such must be performed with focus and intent – really try and ‘feel’ the glutes performing the movement. By making sure we have a strong mind muscle connection, we can further increase muscle growth and a great looking booty in only a few days.

The strength aspect

Once we have completed our warmup, it is time to move into our strength-based lifts, where we use heavier loads for lower reps, again really targeting the glutes, although in a slightly different manner.

Using these this type of loading paradigm requires the nervous system to recruit a HUGE amount of muscle fibers. In doing so, it greatly increases the loading capacity of that muscles, while also increasing the total amount of work done per session.

While, in itself, this type of loading will lead to enhance muscle growth, as it also increases the activation of the nervous system it will further enhance the effectiveness of all exercises that come after it.

In this section we will be focused on using large, bilateral, compounds movements, as these types of exercises allow us to lift the most amount of weight – and therefore result in the greatest amount of muscle fiber recruitment – and the biggest butt gains.

I should note that during these movements we want to perform these exercises as fast and explosively as possible, as that will further enhance muscle fiber recruitment.

The hypertrophy aspect

Now this is where things start getting a little fun. Through the previous two training sections we have promoted a heap of blood flow to the gluteal muscles, while also enhancing activation of our nervous system and increased muscle fiber recruitment.

We are now going to utilize this to our advantage, by using slightly higher reps with moderate loads to maximize muscle growth and increase energy expenditure fast. This will promote great muscle growth, while also contributing in a big way to fat loss.

In this section of the workout we will be using both single leg and double leg exercises to put some serious volume into both glute med and glute max.

These exercises will allow us to use moderate loads – enhancing muscle fiber recruitment – while also challenging hip stability and single leg strength, absolutely crushing glute med!

The metabolic section

The final section revolves around lifting light loads for high repetitions.

In doing so we cause a fast and large increase in energy expenditure (which can enhance fat loss around the waist), while greatly increasing the total amount of work done by the glutes.

During this section we are going to get a serious burn on – which is a sure sign the glutes are working overtime.

We often consider this sort of work a ‘metabolic finisher’, as it increases our metabolic rate substantially, increasing the amount of energy we burn throughout the rest of the day. This will enhance fat loss, leading to a thinner looking mid line, which helps increases relative butt size.