Air Cargo’s Most Influential Leaders

In an industry that literally spans the globe, there are hundreds if not thousands of leaders who are taking their companies and the air cargo industry into new areas.

In that spirit, the people on our list this year stand out not only as individuals, but also embody the larger efforts that are underway to recast air cargo services, whether that means matching regulation to economic needs, bringing technology into a new age or forging better working relationships among disparate air freight players.

Technology and ever more sophisticated supply chains make it more important than ever for airlines and forwarders to work together more seamlessly.

Online booking, real time tracking and the demands of manufacturers operating leaner, faster supply chains make industry-wide cooperation and communication essential.

That’s not to say competition isn’t as fierce as ever. But in order to compete, the modern air cargo operator needs to be technologically proficient and globally savvy, and that means talking to and working with other players to ensure the smooth transit of cargo.

The ten influential leaders featured here share an ability to think ahead of the curve to find dynamic solutions that better not just their own companies or organizations but the air cargo industry as a whole.

Note that there are no repeats from our 2004 list of air cargo’s most influential leaders. Last year’s impressive group of leaders’ influence in the industry hasn’t diminished in the slightest.

But in a business as international and diverse as air cargo, we thought it was best to give recognition to a new group of leaders.

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The following pages provide a sampling of leaders who represent various aspects of an evolving industry. We believe they also represent the ingenuity and forward-thinking vision that makes air cargo such a fascinating industry for this magazine to chronicle.