Rofcargo formed in 2009 to meet the growing demand for freight forwarding expertise and met the challenge of competing in an international business environment. Originally, the company’s focus was to provide transportation services to oil and gas industry. Successful, Rofcargo diversified its operations and expanded to include all types of international shipments.

Rofcargo means “all cargo” ranging from sophisticated electronic components and delicate chinaware to heavy oilfield and industrial plant equipment. Always dependable with expedited service and competitive rates – the bottom line for total customer satisfaction.

Rofcargo is a member in good standing with five international transport associations. Rofcargo participates to improve transport excellence and industry integrity.

With proven knowledge and highly experienced staff you can be confident that Rofcargo’s President, Ron Forges and his team will provide you with the service and timely responses one needs in today’s highly competitive marketplace.