Top 3 Herbs For Your Buttocks

The hormone that matters most is estrogen, and a woman who wants a fuller booty can stimulate her body to synthesize more. Fortunately, there are herbs that make your butt bigger.

Pueraria Mirifica

There’s a good reason to follow a discusion of Fenugreek with a discussion of Pueraria Mirifica. They’re both big butt enhancers that are better-known as breast enhancers. While Fenugreek goes back thousands of years and grows just about everywhere that isn’t a snow drift or a sand dune, Pueraria Mirifica is quite new on the market. It comes from a vine that grows only in parts of Thailand, and for a long time had been used only by Thai women, especially for post-menopausal problems.

Pueraria Mirifica has the same phytoestrogenic qualities found in Fenugreek, but it’s significantly more powerful. It isn’t as commonly combined with other herbs like Maca Root; Pueraria Mirifica builds up the butt all by itself. It also has a reputation for improving one’s memory, complexion, hair growth, and even lengthening one’s life-span. Because of this, and because it’s much rarer, Pueraria Mirifica is also more expensive.

Pueraria Mirifica is applied twice a day topically as a gel, soap, or cream. Those averse to rubbing it into their butt while dreaming of better days can opt for tablet or pill form. In this case 250mg is the recommended dosage.

Because it is so effective, many low-grade Pueraria Mirifica imitations have appeared on the market, sometimes deceptively labeled. It is sufficiently powerful that one country, Norway, has reclassified it as a drug, rather than a supplement.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai root has a long history, reaching back over a millenium, in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In China it is sometimes referred to as “Female Ginseng” because of its usefulness in treating women’s health problems. It has a similar history in Korea and Japan.

Dong Quai is known to boost low estrogen levels so that a woman retains fat and builds muscle in all the right places, especially in her hips. It also regulates blood flow and strengthens the circulatory system generally. It comes in three forms: as a raw root, which is generally soaked or boiled in wine, in capsule form, and as a tincture. The capsules generally range from 500mg-600mg and are taken as many as six times daily. The tincture is 70% alcohol, and can be taken in quantities up to 80 drops spread out over three times per day. But dosages, including safe upper limits, are unclear for Dong Quai. It is considered dangerous to use if there is any risk of cancer, and in liquid form it might be carcinogenic if not “cut” with alcohol.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh root is native to North America, and, accordingly, has been traditionally used by Native Americans for purpoes ranging from childbirth to rattlesnakes bite. Known to help with women’s health problems generally, Black Cohosh boosts estrogen levels, which ensures that fat is deposited into the breasts and hips, making them bigger, and away from the waistline. It s also used to help those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Black Cohosh can be taken in whole herb form, 1200mg-1700mg daily as pills. The root extract form is five times more concentrated, so those using it for the hips should scale down accordingly. This herb should never be taken together with alcohol.


There are other herbs to research as well. Red Clover supports estrogen levels for hip enlargement while also strengthening a woman’s bones. Chasteberry works by lowering male hormones like testosterone when they appear in excessive levels in a woman’s body. Other herbs worth looking into include Borage, Wild Yams, Blessed Thistle, and Alfalfa. Between all of them, a woman should think long and hard before turning to surgery or injections to make her figure more feminine. Nature made her a woman in the first place. Trust nature to have provided the right tools to make her hips, and whole body, naturally curvaceous and sexy.