Head for Healthy Fats

The word fat has long been associated with the bad guys. Yet not all fat is bad for you, and believe it or not, it will help you make your butt bigger.


If you want to get your buttocks growing naturally, start eating salmon. This fish contains omega-3s, which are the healthy fats you need to keep your diet in butt-building mode.

Salmon is also a dense source of protein and packed full of nutrition which makes it a very healthy way to grow your rear.

Half a fillet of salmon (178g) contains:

  • 367 calories
  • Fats 34% DV
  • Protein 79% DV


Nuts are a great snacking option to get your butt into better shape. They are full of healthy fats, protein and fiber that will give your body and your booty plenty of nutrition and room to grow.

For me walnuts, cashews or almonds are a top choice.

Olive Oil

The extra virgin variety of olive oil will not only give a boost to your health, it will also bump up your butt composition too. Although it has a high calorific value the content is all very nutritious. You will find lots of omega-3s and a high amount of vitamins E and K.

A tablespoon of olive oil (14g) contains:

  • 119 calories
  • Fats 21% DV
  • Vitamin E 10% DV
  • Vitamin K 10% DV

Eating any kind of fruits or vegetables really isn’t going to do your bigger butt challenge any damage whatsoever. They are all naturally packed with vitamins and minerals which will reinforce a healthy diet and boost your booty.


Leafy green vegetables are great for toning the butt, and spinach has got to be a frontrunner. If you want to promote muscle growth it’s a good green to be eating. Experts suggest the plant compounds in spinach are known to enhance muscle strength.


Avocado might be well known for guacamole, but it also encourages a rounder booty.

The avocado is a fleshy green fruit often avoided by weight watchers because of the high fat content. However, many could be doing this fruit an injustice as it’s mostly healthy fats your body needs.

Not only that, it also contains a good deal of dietary fiber and many vital nutrients.

Avocados contain per cup (150g):

  • 240 calories
  • Fiber 40% DV
  • Fats 34% DV
  • Carbs 4% DV

Avoid Junk Foods

Junk food might seem the obvious approach to increase your size, but trust me, if you take this route your buttocks won’t be the only thing growing.

Let’s face it, we don’t call it junk food for no reason. Not only are these foods bad for your health, you can kiss that perfectly rounded tush goodbye.

These types of food have little or no nutritional value and are full of refined sugars. This will send your own blood sugar levels rocketing, wreaking havoc on all your hard work.

Dodge, ditch and step away from foods like:

  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Burgers
  • French fries
  • Ice cream
  • Cakes
  • Donuts

Butt-Building Meal Plan

To give you an idea of how easy it is to include these foods, I’ve put together an example of a butt-building meal plan.


Oatmeal with mixed berries and a dollop of low fat greek yogurt


Whole-grain sandwich with tomato, spinach and slice of lean beef


Grilled chicken with quinoa and salad


Handful of walnuts or almonds

½ grapefruit or an apple