Eating For A Lean And Muscular Booty

Over this week we are going to be undertaking some seriously intense workouts – as a result, we need to make sure that our diet is absolutely perfect.
This means we need to make sure we are consuming enough protein to allow adequate recovery from each individual session, while also eating enough carbohydrates to fuel our very intense training sessions.

Protein intake

With this in mind, I would be inclined to try and eat approximately 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight per day.
While this may seem like a lot, it will absolutely guarantee that you have enough protein available in your system to recover from your workouts (and build muscle as a result). This step is absolute essentially to getting through the week-long workout program provided, and therefore essential to building a better butt.

An easy way to accomplish this is to eat a fistful of protein at every meal.

This will allow us to get all our protein via small portions throughout the day, rather than having to try and gorge ourselves at the end of the day to make up our daily protein requirements.
When it comes to protein, natural sources such as chicken, beef, fish, and eggs are our best options, while a serve of whey protein powder each day can also come in handy as a simple snack.

Carbohydrate intake

In conjunction with this, we would want to aim for approximately 2 grams of carbohydrates for every pound of bodyweight per day.
In doing so we can ensure that we have adequate energy available to get us through each and every session. This will mean we can work out harder, for longer, and as such will greatly improve the results of our training period.
And while some may suggest that this is too much, I can assure you that with this workout program you will need every single gram!
Our best options for carbohydrates are relatively natural sources, such as oats, starchy vegetables (potatoes, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes), and fruit, as these cause a relatively low insulin response, and therefore limit the deposition of fat mass. Visit our home page.

A note on water

Something that is should also touch on is that during this period we want to be consuming at least 2 liters of water every single day.
Maintaining well hydrated will not only help us get through our intense training sessions, it will also ensure that we maintain optimal health and function throughout the week’s duration. This can in turn greatly increase our ability to lose fat and build muscle, while also increasing productivity and reducing our chance of developing an illness or an injury.
Keeping hydrated is a great way to make sure we maintain health – especially in times of heavy and intense training.