Head for Healthy Fats

The word fat has long been associated with the bad guys. Yet not all fat is bad for you, and believe it or not, it will help you make your butt bigger. Salmon If you want to get your buttocks growing naturally, start eating salmon. This fish contains omega-3s, which are the healthy fats you … Read more

The Powers of Protein

Your buttocks are the largest muscle in the body – the gluteus maximus. Protein forms an essential part of our diets and is especially great for the muscles. It will help repair and encourage growth naturally. 1# Chicken If you want to eat something that has a high protein content then you can’t go wrong … Read more

Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

At a Glance: Eating foods that make your butt bigger doesn’t mean you should drastically restrict your diet to achieve the results you want. Food is a natural and healthy way to increase your weight and encourage your buttocks to grow the way you want them to. By incorporating the right combination of foods into … Read more

Eating For A Lean And Muscular Booty

Over this week we are going to be undertaking some seriously intense workouts – as a result, we need to make sure that our diet is absolutely perfect. This means we need to make sure we are consuming enough protein to allow adequate recovery from each individual session, while also eating enough carbohydrates to fuel … Read more